Pax Mediation was founded in 2018 as a response to a legal system not working for everyone. Inspired by the belief that mediation is a necessary service to a healthy society, the founders took the initiative to open an alternative to litigation, offering the the expertise of qualified professionals with proven experience.

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Why Mediation?

By far the most professional mediator I have ever had the opportunity to meet. Patrick Begley has worked harder for me and for less than my previous meditators. Just a generally and honest man that will hard on your case.



Mediation gives the power to the parties in conflict to find a solution. Mediators provide tools and guidance, but parties ultimately use productive communication to find solutions that work for everyone.


Lasting conflicts in any form are costly. Mediation is a cost-effective option to resolve serious problems.  


The court system is typically overburdened which slows down the process of resolution. Mediation can take as little as one or two days.


Mediation gives people lasting results. Parties work toward solutions together so everyone has a chance to be heard. The end agreement better suites both parties’ needs.


A mediator is an unbiased person whose role is to guide conflicting parties toward productive communication with the goal of resolution and settlement.


Mediation is a confidential service that takes place in a private setting. Mediators do not disclose outcomes to third parties.  


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Disclaimer: Pax Mediation Group, L.L.C. and it's employees or representatives are exclusively involved in mediation services ONLY and no legal services of any nature are offered.