About Pax Mediation

Pax Mediation was founded in 2018 as a response to a legal system not working for everyone. Inspired by the belief that mediation is a necessary service to a healthy society, the founders took the initiative to open an alternative to litigation, offering the the expertise of qualified professionals with proven experience.

Our Philosophy

Pax Mediation is dedicated to being part of the solution. By finding the correct mediation approach for you — whether it be a direct one-on-one approach or something different — we can work together to make life better for everyone involved.


We reach resolution through discussion focused on the needs of both parties. Litigation can last months or even years and cost a fortune over time. Our methodology centers on discussion about the issues at hand to reach mutual agreement driven by the needs of both parties. When both parties are willing to give their focused attention and put genuine thought into why there is conflict, we can help guide them to real and lasting resolution.


Mediation process empowers parties to create their solution. The mediation process is empowering and gives more control over the outcome to the parties themselves. As people begin to break down barriers, we see their thinking transform.  This focused experience, helps parties shift from a mindset of polarization to one of convergence. Our team of experienced professionals work with them to find lasting solutions.

Patrick G. Begley

Founder and Mediator

Patrick Begley is a third-generation Wyomingite and Mediator with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana, a Juris Doctorate degree from Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska and formal certification as a mediator from the University of Wyoming, Agriculture and Natural Resource Mediation Board.

After serving as an attorney for over a decade, Patrick decided to focus full-time on Mediation. With 18 years of legal practice, he has gained experience in a range of areas of law including criminal, local government, land use, real estate, contracts, permitting, business and family. After nearly two decades working with and observing these various aspects of the law, he is shifting his focus to mediation where he can use his proven experience to bring parties together for focused discussion to work toward lasting solutions while keeping relationships intact. “I know the current judicial system is overburdened and often not working for people,” he says. With his vast experience as evidence, Patrick has the utmost confidence in the efficacy of mediation.


We're always expanding out to bring in professionals from the community if that is deemed needed for the mediation process. If you would like to discuss working with us, please connect with us.

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Disclaimer: Pax Mediation Group, L.L.C. and it's employees or representatives are exclusively involved in mediation services ONLY and no legal services of any nature are offered.